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Owning investment properties is a great way to earn income and build your portfolio but without West Valley City property management it can take over your life. Here at Utah Sentinel Group we can help take care of all those daily tasks. From rent collection to evictions when necessary our West Valley City property managers take care of it all for you. No more worrying about the day to day struggles of being a landlord to many homes. We are here to help you with all your West Valley City property management.

There are many ways our property managers West Valley City can help you to become a successful and profitable investor with our West Valley City property management. From the beginning of working with us we will help you to evaluate your home and find out how to get the most out of your properties.

A vacant home is not a profitable one and we help you to minimize vacancy times. We advertise your homes in the areas that the renters are looking. With advertising changing so much in the recent years, more and more people are searching on the internet. If your home is not there it may not be found quickly. Using this information we have formulated a marketing plan as part of your property management West Valley City plan. This takes time out of your day to make sure that your ads are current and there for people to see. This is just one of the many ways our property managers in West Valley City can help you.

Other benefits you will receive include:

  1. Lease Preparation – This can be very time consuming and involves all types of legal implications. We can handle this for you and have all parties sign the lease.
  2. Maintenance Services – Have you ever been called away from a family event or even middle of the night to fix or repair something on your rental homes? This is not a problem anymore with our staff on call 24/7 to help.
  3. Tenant Screening – You can always know that you have quality tenants in your home with our thorough screening process. Background, reference and credit checks are all performed for each adult moving into your homes.
  4. Selling Your Home – There are times when you want to do some rearranging on your portfolio. When that time comes we have agents ready to help you sell your home.

Working with West Valley property management companies can really take the stress out of renting your properties off of you and make being a real estate investor simple and efficient. We believe that Utah Sentinel Group is the company you are looking for. Contact us online or call our office today to see just how our property management in West Valley City can relieve the stress and hassle off of you.

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