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We have for you today a basic 5-step plan that will help you get your place ready to rent. This is an exciting topic for us because we love to help you get your home ready for renting. Some really basic and universal steps can be found here:

  1. Lawns. Have your lawn well maintained. Make sure the yard looks good. The lawn should be manicured, mowed and green. There should not be any weeds coming out of the flower beds. You want the yard to be presentable from the outside. This will be noticeable to anyone who drives up to the house, so it should be aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Paint. As people come into the house, the paint should be noticeably fresh. If it’s possible, paint the exterior and the interior of the house. You don’t want the paint to be chipped or faded. The color of the interior should also be neutral. You don’t want bright blue walls or red rooms. When a potential renter goes into a home, he or she must be able to visualize living there. You want them to mentally envision furniture placement, and it might be distracting if the walls are painted in colors that will not go with what they have.
  3. Clean. Keep everything clean. If something doesn’t look clean, you will be in trouble. Tenant’s notice details. If you want a clean tenant, offer a clean property. It’s important to have the carpets professionally clean. You might want to hire a professional to clean  Utah Property Rent Ready your kitchen and your bathroom as well. Look inside your oven and check your appliances to make sure they are spotless. Your tenants will be doing this, and they’ll want the places they keep their food to be visibly clean. Give the entire house a deep clean and then provide a polish to all counter tops and surfaces.
  4. Light. Have clean windows with open blinds. This will allow the light to come in, which will feel welcoming and inviting. Remember that you are looking for a quality tenant. So, the better the house looks, the better the tenant you will attract.
  5. Smell. Many people do not think about how their rental property smells, but it makes a difference to potential tenants. You may not notice the way the place smells when you live there or when a tenant moves out, but take care of the smell. Eliminate any pet owners from previous tenants. Consider getting some plug-ins so there are no stale or musty odors. Keep the place smelling clean and fresh.

These are five quick tips for getting your rental property ready to rent. If you’d like more information, or additional help in preparing for the rental market, please contact us at Sentinel Management Group, and we’d be happy to give you additional advice.

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