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Our topic today is Tenant In Common properties, also known as TIC properties. This is an exciting topic for us at Sentinel Management Group, because we have a lot of happy owners and investors who really like these types of properties. The properties are not residential; they are commercial properties. However, they are specific kinds of commercial properties. They might be medical facilities or reception hall types of buildings. Many TIC properties are also retailers such as Family Dollar or Dollar Store establishments. At Sentinel Management Group, we currently manage about 20 of these properties across the country, and we find a lot of success with them.

TIC properties are perfect for the passive investor who his looking for a tax-free investment. These properties are mortgage-free, so there is no worry  TIC Property Management Salt Lake City about financing or keeping up with mortgage payments. They are also extremely low maintenance because the tenants are triple net leases. These tenants are also stable, and they are almost always long term renters. The standard lease on a TIC property typically runs for a minimum of 10 years. So, you have a lot of income security when you are investing in this type of property.

These TIC properties are really good alternatives for real estate investors who want passive income every month and don’t want to have any worries or hassles. If this sounds like your type of investment, give us a call at Sentinel Management Group. We can tell you more about TIC opportunities and help you make a decision. We can also provide more information and get you involved in an investment of this kind. Contact us at Sentinel Management Group for any help, or to get started. We look forward to talking with you.

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