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A question we frequently get asked is how we handle evictions, for Utah specifically. The thing we try to do is to work with the tenants and get them paying. There are many reasons a tenant may stop paying rent. They could be well-screened and well-qualified, and then they might lose a job unexpectedly. When the rent is not in once it is due, we are on the phone with that tenant right away. That’s the first step.

We want to get a payment commitment from the tenants if they are behind. If the tenants are not going to commit to paying by a certain day, or if they are avoiding our phone calls and other attempts at contact, the next step is to send them a 3 Day Notice. The 3 Day Notice is a notice to pay or vacate the property. The tenants are required to pay the full amount due in order to avoid our demand that they leave the property. The full amount due will include any late fees that are applied.

Most tenants will respond to a 3 Day Notice because they know that it’s the beginning of the eviction process. So, if they do not make good on their promise to pay as agreed, or they do not respond to the 3 Day Notice, our next step is to get a good attorney who specializes in real estate law Utah Eviction Best Practices Sentinel Management Groupand property management. It is important to use a local attorney who is familiar with local laws and courts. If we have a Salt Lake eviction, we have great attorneys who know the specific procedures for Salt Lake. We use a Utah County attorney for evictions in that region because they are familiar with the courts and real estate and property management law in the county.

We don’t get a lot of evictions. In fact, we have not had to evict any of the tenants we have placed in the last five years. Unfortunately, we’ve taken on problem properties for owners and we’ve had to evict and recover the property. I think we can usually avoid that process with the specific procedures we have in place and the thorough screenings we conduct. We also have a good rapport with our tenants. They know what is expected of them, and they want to pay rent and take care of the property.

If you are having any problems with tenants not paying rent and you need help managing an eviction, please contact us at Sentinel Management Group.v We’d be happy to help you.

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