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Our blog today is part of our series providing Utah landlord advice, and in this piece we are talking about how to market your rental properties.

Ad StructureThe first thing you should consider is how to structure your ad. You want to make sure you reflect the property accurately without leaving anything out. It’s not a good idea to overstate the property’s features, but you don’t want to forget amenities and details that make it appealing to renters. Always highlight the best aspects of the property. The ad should always meet fair housing standards and include good contact information. The phone number or email address provided in your listing must go to someone who can respond right away and answer questions about the rental. The ad also has to have great photos so people can see what the place looks like and decide they’re interested.

Ad Placement
Once you have an outstanding ad written, you’ll want to place it wherever people are looking. There are some local online newspapers that run ads for rental properties and you’ll also want to look at rental search sites. These are websites that target renters looking for homes in your area. At Sentinel, we have memberships to many of these sites and when we post an ad of our own, the other sites automatically pull from us, so we get double the exposure.

Market Properties in Lehi — Marketing at the Property
It’s important to have good signage. You should have a sign right outside the property. It’s also important to make sure the property is presentable. Have it clean and ready to show before you even place the ads. You’ll get calls from people who want to see the property right away, so be prepared to show it.

Renter Pools
At Sentinel, we are fortunate to have a strong pool of transferring renters and people who are looking for a place to live. A lot of times we will run an ad for one property and get it rented quickly, but we’ll still get lots of calls about it. We always have other properties to offer, so sometimes marketing one property will bring us tenants for a number of properties.

We are a local company with over 27 years of experience in property management, so if you have any questions about this, or you need to market your own rental property, please contact us at Sentinel Management Group.

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