Five years ago a nineteen year-old, math genius, and honors student on a full-academic scholarship at the University of Utah, caught the eye of Kathleen and Wil Lopez as someone who could brilliantly keep track of their expansive clientele and all of the accounting that goes along with each property.

Daniel worked in management previous to coming to work at Sentinel Sales and Management and overcame a large learning curve when he got to Sentinel. With his brilliant, mathematical mind, Daniel quickly learned all that was needed for him to take over the accounting for the Lopez’s clients in just a matter of a few months.

Daniel and Kathleen were the only individuals working at Sentinel Sales and Management for a while, where they worked out of a “closet-sized” office, according to Daniel. As the longest employed team member, Daniel has watched and been a part of the company’s rapid growth over the past five years.

Kathleen Lopez, in an interview, stated that Daniel was a vital part to the company and the relationships that are maintained with each client. He knows over 600 clients by name and has great people-skills along with this brilliant mathematician mind. Lopez is continuously receiving compliments about how well Daniel handles tough situations and how positive he is with each client.

Along with Lopez, Daniel’s co-workers have a high opinion of him. When asked about his importance stated that “none of us would have a job without him.” His articulate mind is one of the most valuable in the entire company. Because he has been with the company through every big change, he knows exactly what needs to happen and how people are going to react to specific situations. Five years after he started, he is a leader to five other company team members.

Outside of work and accounting, Daniel is very well-rounded. Not only is he brilliant, he plays the steel drums, piano, all other percussion instruments including the marimba. He loves cooking and enjoys being outdoors, specifically in the mountains backpacking, with his family and friends. He is studying Physics at the University of Utah because (along with his passion for the subject) he explains that “physics is simply the way the world works.”

It is clear that Sentinel Sales and Management LLC would not be the expanding, nation-wide, real estate brokerage that it is without Daniel.

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